25 Mar, 22
League table for CCS EV owners looking for a rapid chargers 150kW+
1st place
Total Live rapid CCS = 50
Location Num CCS Rapids Link
Ballacolla M7 8 https://www.plugshare.com/location/116354
Birdhill M7 6 https://www.plugshare.com/location/135332
Castlebellingham South M1 8 https://www.plugshare.com/location/145978
Castlebellingham North M1 8 https://www.plugshare.com/location/145977
Mahon Point Cork 4 https://www.plugshare.com/location/326015
Tralee Ballygarry House 2 https://www.plugshare.com/location/341178
Johnstown House M4 6 https://www.plugshare.com/location/340761
Athenry Raheen Woods M6 4 https://www.plugshare.com/location/411833
Sandyford Tesla Center Dublin 4 https://www.plugshare.com/location/454417
Total Live 50
Installed waiting on esb connection
Athenry Raheen Woods M6 4
Birdhill M7. 2 disconnected 2
Total Live + about to be connected 52
In Construction
Sandyford 8
Belfast 8
2nd place
Esb eCars
Total Live rapid CCS = 37

Total Live + about to be connected 37

Location Num CCS Rapids Link
Frankfield Cork 1 https://www.plugshare.com/location/34878
Rochestown Cork 1 https://www.plugshare.com/location/34962
Carnmore Galway 1 https://www.plugshare.com/location/91284
Tuam M17 4 https://www.plugshare.com/location/351289
Galway Plaza M6 1 https://www.plugshare.com/location/218903
Ballysimon Limerick 2 https://www.plugshare.com/location/85194
Blanchardstown Dublin 1 https://www.plugshare.com/location/67839
Kilmartins Athlone M6 1 https://www.plugshare.com/location/301071
Ballinalack M4 1 https://www.plugshare.com/location/356771
Carrick on Shannon 1 https://www.plugshare.com/location/34909
Mullingar M4 1 https://www.plugshare.com/location/334497
Kells, Meath 1 https://www.plugshare.com/location/268538
Kilcullen M7 1 https://www.plugshare.com/location/208448
Mayfield M7 7 https://www.plugshare.com/location/25050
Portlaois Plaza M7 1 https://www.plugshare.com/location/253326
Ballacolla M7 1 https://www.plugshare.com/location/116354
Fermoy (Amber) 3 https://www.plugshare.com/location/368330
Monaghan 2 https://www.plugshare.com/location/340761
Tralee (Kellihers Inver) 2 https://www.plugshare.com/location/454236
Glenageary Dublin 70kW (Park Pointe) 2 https://www.plugshare.com/location/70691
Knocklyon Dublin (Supervalue) 2 https://www.plugshare.com/location/478905
Total Live 37
Installed waiting on esb-networks connection
3rd place
Total Live rapid CCS = 22
Location Num CCS Rapids Link
Athlone M6 4 https://www.plugshare.com/location/287759
Cashel M7 4 https://www.plugshare.com/location/287789
Gorey M11 4 https://www.plugshare.com/location/185518
Kill North M7 4 https://www.plugshare.com/location/214596
Kill South M7 4 https://www.plugshare.com/location/287674
City North M1 2 https://www.plugshare.com/location/287758
Total Live 22
4th place
Total Live rapid CCS = 6
Location Num CCS Rapids Link
Coyne’s Cross J14 M11 3 https://www.plugshare.com/location/68344
Paulstown J7 M9 3 https://www.plugshare.com/location/470596
Total Live 6


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