25 Mar, 22

Ireland Rapid CCS charger League table

League table for CCS EV owners looking for a rapid chargers 150kW+ 1st placeTeslaTotal Live rapid CCS = 50 Location Num CCS Rapids Link Ballacolla M7 8 https://www.plugshare.com/location/116354 Birdhill M7 6 https://www.plugshare.com/location/135332 Castlebellingham South M1 8 https://www.plugshare.com/location/145978…
04 Mar, 22
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Grants for 2nd hand EVs?

“Their findings published in Energy on Thursday back the conclusion of another study which – in short – found EVs “remain luxury goods” Alternative policies with a more beneficial impact on EV adoption while reducing social inequity…
28 Feb, 22
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EV car parking & “park and ride” requirements in Irish cities.

Linkedin postThere is much discussion about the role of car parking, and the land area it occupies, as we strive to plan for sustainable development, reduce private vehicle journeys and shift to more sustainable forms of transporthttps://www.parkingireland.ie/wp-content/themes/irishparking/img/files/Market-Report-2010.pdfEVbnb.ie…
24 Feb, 22
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Circle-k 76 chargers in Ireland

Linkedin post Circle-k 1000 chargers in Europe. Norway (629), Sweden (192), Denmark (76) and Ireland (76) EVbnb.ie reply Ireland 76: 1 own-brand circle-k 50kW 22 ionity 350kW 7 esb 150kW 45 esb 43/50kW 1 clenergy 50kW Thanks.…