04 Mar, 22
Their findings published in Energy on Thursday back the conclusion of another study which – in short – found EVs “remain luxury goods”
Alternative policies with a more beneficial impact on EV adoption while reducing social inequity are offered in other jurisdictions, they add. These include free-interest free loans for a new EV purchase – available in Scotland – and allowing for a longer repayment period for buyersIrish Times Click here for full Article

Should Department of Transport implement scheme such as €2k grant in The Nethlands for 2nd-hand EVs

Additionally, the new measures include a €2,000 incentive for the purchase of used BEVs, which will remain at that level even as the subsidy for new models reduces. A key element here is the condition of the battery and Van Veldhoven is considering introducing a battery check for used BEVs. autovista24 Click here for full Article

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